Eco-friendly houses are made from materials that are not harmful to the environment. Building such houses is a great plus for our environment. It involves using natural products that sustain energy, air thus being environmentally friendlier.

Materials Used in Building Eco-friendly Homes

Choosing materials for building sustainable homes could be overwhelming. Building homes that are not harmful to the environment may require recycling used materials, using sustainable materials, and low carbon-emitting materials. Here are the commonly used materials.


Straw bales can be made from rice, oats, wheat, or barley. It acts as an excellent insulator and is placed on walls for cooler temperatures. Straw also makes the house walls completely soundproof and is also easy to grow.


Sheep wool

Clothing industries use sheep wool to make cozy sweaters since they act as an insulator. Wool can also be incorporated into the construction industry for a similar reason. It can make energy-efficient walls and is eco-friendly.


Bamboo is quickly grown and produces much less carbon compared to many trees. Also, it is very durable and looks great.


Precast concrete is very friendly to the environment and can also be reused since it is highly durable. Natural stone products such as sandstone, marble, limestone, and granite extracted from the earth can be used for decoration purposes.

Recycled/Reclaimed Wood

Recycled wood has a much less environmental impact as opposed to harvesting new wood. These wood products can be used to make floors.

Earthen Materials

Earth materials have been used for construction over time. Adobe bricks are made from earth, majorly clay and straw. Rammed earth is also a popular material formed by a mixture of dirt, sand, gravel, clay, and silt compacted together.

Why Build an Eco-friendly Home?

Building eco-friendly has many benefits both to the environment and to human life.

Conserve the environment

The use of recycled and energy-efficient products results in less environmental impact on pollution and resource use. If many people take this step of building sustainable houses, they will be less environmental pollution.

Save money

Using locally available and reusing materials saves you a lot of money that you would use buying materials. Also, most materials are cheaper compared to their counterparts.

Protect your health

Most traditional building materials contain volatile organic compounds. These compounds are not optimal for people living in the house. Other materials also encourage the build-up of moisture, which causes mold and mildew. Using materials that are non VOC and moisture resistant helps in building your health and enhancing the environment.

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Our prime duty is to conserve the environment so that even our future generations find a better environment. Environmental conservation begins right from home, by building eco-friendly houses that are highly sustainable.